Our factory-trained technicians will allow you and your family to feel safe while driving. We offer a complimentary brake inspection as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Besides new brakes,  Toyota recommends resurfacing brake rotors. Replacing without resurfacing could affect the safety and performance of your braking system. Please contact us right away if you are experiencing:

  • Squealing or grinding noises during braking
  • Pulling to one side or 'grabbing'
  • Pulsation of the brake pedal during braking
  • Clicking noises during braking
Our certified-technicians will service your Toyota with Genuine Toyota brake pads designed and engineered specifically for your Toyota. Genuine Toyota brake pads - Brakes you can count on:

  • Meets Toyota's standards for performance
  • Helps ensure your safety
  • Manufactured with materials designed to maintain the dynamics engineered in Toyota's braking systems
  • Backing plates are precision machined to allow brake pads to move freely within the calipers for smooth and efficient operation
  • Lower dusting
  • Smoother stopping
  • Rotor-compatible - to reduce pedal pulsation complaints
  • Positive-fit noise insulating shims
  • 100% asbestos free
  • Longer pad life for enhanced value
  Our complete front or rear disc brake service includes:

  • Replace brake pads or shoes
  • Inspect rotors and calipers
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Resurface rotors
  • Road test vehicle
  • Complimentary car wash